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County Electric Construction Incorporated is a commercial and industrial electrical contracting firm that has been servicing areas of Connecticut for over 50 years. We are committed to achieve 100% satisfaction in every possible way to all of our customers.  Our goal is to be a leader in professionalism, quality, and service for all of your electrical needs.

Our commitment is to go above and beyond designing a creative and cost effective solution for all of our projects which includes corporate interiors, high end retail, restaurants, and all other commercial and industrial applications.

County Electric’s privacy and security practices are applied by each member of our team to honor our cliental and their trust in our company.  It is our intention to have the most comprehensive safety program in the construction industry.  We believe that safeguarding the well being of its workers and the public is top priority.

Our team and customers are the reason for our success.



County Electric Const. Inc, 102 Central Ave, Bridgeport, Ct 06607

Tel  203-367-7500    |   Fax  203-367-6865    |    Lic.#181307-E1  &  Lic.#122227-E1